Nous accompagnons les marques de luxe
dans la construction de leur image,

Singulière, créative, élégante,

Nous définissons leur attitude
au delà des conventions,

Dans tous les espaces de la relation.

HUB. Bureau de stratégies créatives


S’inspirer de ce qui nous entoure

Lindberg, drafted in the second round by the Phoenix Coyotes

poll finds alberta pcs leading and strong backing for

pandora necklaces Being a good listener is key to healthy communication. Even if you don agree with what he had to say, empathize with his position. This will open the door to more effective conflict resolution. The Flames weren the only ones who saw a player make an NHL debut. Rangers star Rick Nash, who is second in the league with 37 goals, couldn play due to spasms in his neck, so the Blueshirts called up Oscar Lindberg from AHL Hartford. Lindberg, drafted in the second round by the Phoenix Coyotes in 2010 but traded to the Rangers, arrived for his first NHL game having collected 16 goals and 36 points in 54 minor league clashes. pandora necklaces

pandora charms They made more plays than us, man. We had a late rally, it was just too late. We should got that momentum going early.. When difficulties arise in our relationships, or memories of a painful childhood or troubling experience surface, it is understandable to think that numbing those feelings would bring relief. When someone is pushed to the edge of what they can tolerate, the choice may come down to suicide or emotional escape. And drugs are a quick pandora jewellery, powerful way to disappear.. pandora charms

pandora earrings The secret to long term employee retention and loyalty is to understand basic human behaviour and psychology. For employees to decide whether they would like to work with an organization, they have to look at both the intrinsic meaning and the extrinsic reward. After all the former drives people to work more effectively and the latter is the practical reason why people work.. pandora earrings

pandora jewellery Head and neck cancer consists of a wide variety of tumour entities, and the HPV positivity rate of anatomical subsites varies substantially.40 41 An aetiologic link with HPV has been convincingly demonstrated based on prominent biological and epidemiological differences between HPV positive and HPV negative tumours only for squamous cell carcinomas that arise in the oropharyngeal region.15 Even when restricted to oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinomas, reported HPV positivity rates vary considerably throughout the world because of differences in methods for HPV detection as well as varying exposure to HPV and competing risk factors, such as tobacco smoking and alcohol consumption.We present a bayesian evidence synthesis of the incremental benefit of vaccinating boys along with girls in preventing HPV associated cancers in men. Our analysis concerned only the vaccination of preadolescent boys and did not consider targeted vaccination of men who have sex with men. We did, however, take full account of the disproportionally high burden of HPV related cancers in men who have sex with men, who are not protected by herd immunity from female vaccination pandora jewellery.

This equates to 392 events occurring during the trial

previous cases of missing data

pandora jewelry Been tough, said Benson, who hurt his shoulder during a pre season game with the Giants. Guess I just got to get up to speed again, start getting some practices again and just build some chemistry with the team and I think things will start going. He attended training camp with his hometown Oilers, Edmonton second pick (32nd overall) at the 2016 NHL Draft last June didn see any game action in the pre season.. pandora jewelry

pandora bracelets Und darin liegt fr mich das Problem. Kriegsbilder sollten eben nicht schick” oder cool” wirken. Die Soldaten heroisierend dargestellt, fast schon surreal. Just keep banging. No time left on the clock, and we got a chance to win the football game. There is nothing better than that.”. pandora bracelets

pandora earrings The event rate in the literature at the time of the start of the trial for patients with diabetes was between twofold and threefold that of the population without diabetes.1 2 3 We originally planned to recruit 1600 participants and follow up each for four years. If only one treatment was effective this would provide 90% power to detect a 25% relative reduction in a four year event rate of 28% (8% per annum) as significant at the 5% level. This equates to 392 events occurring during the trial. pandora earrings

pandora essence As a result pandora rings, there are two ways of looking at fan size when deciding which ones to buy. You can look at fans from a cooling perspective, in which case you’ll simply want to buy the largest fans possible and run them at the fastest possible speed. But you can also look at them from the noise perspective, in which case you’ll want to buy the largest fans possible and run them at a very low speed. pandora essence

pandora charms A variant of financing VET from general tax revenues is the provision of tax deduction (of 150 per cent) of the expenses incurred on skills projects. There are two problems with this form of financing. India’s (Union and States combined) tax revenue to GDP ratio has hardly improved since the economic reforms in 1991 and remains below 17.5 per cent, the level achieved in the peak year of 2007 08. pandora charms

pandora jewellery A contrast to the last charm bracelet, this one is quite cluttered, but the effect is quite different. The safety chain is a great functional tool to keep you from losing expensive and sentimental jewellery, and also provides a kind of second layer like the double fold in the leather bracelet. The rest of the bracelet is almost packed to full capacity, but as the charms and spacers put in between the key colour charm are neutral silver than cluttering and overcrowding effects are not prominent at all pandora jewellery.

I know because I already used a program that cost twice as

Today, the South remains largely poor, and ancestors of the slaves who built this nation remain there in large numbers. While black poverty exists across the country, it remains largely concentrated below the Mason Dixon Line. While Jim Crow segregation may have ended there half a century ago, it was followed by racist public policy, state sanctioned violence and subjugation.

pandora jewellery Out of over one hundred paid and free keyword phrase tools, SpyFu remains the leader not only Return On Investment wise but also in information provided. Their keyword phrase tool in itself is worth much much more than they charge for. I know because I already used a program that cost twice as much but offered one tenth the information. pandora jewellery

pandora essence In Lambert Eaton myasthenic syndrome pandora rings, autoantibodies against these voltage gated channels produce muscle weakness by interfering with the acetylcholine release. The entry of calcium triggers the fusion of the vesicle with the presynaptic nerve cell membrane.26 Subsequently, the contents of the vesicles are released into the synaptic cleft by the process of exocytosis. A number of proteins are involved in this process. pandora essence

pandora necklaces As stated earlier, the average car payment late fee and the exact amount you are charged really depends on your auto loan document or contract. So it is very important you read the fine print before you sign any loan document. Auto loans obtained at car dealerships have been notorious for being characterized signings that occur almost under coercion from car sales people who hover over you, urging you to append your name to the dotted line. pandora necklaces

pandora earrings After 12 months, 99% of patients wanted to continue to have access to their notes online and none of the doctors decided to stop the practice.Box 1: OpenNotes study812 month study in primary care practices at three sites Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a large teaching hospital offering primary care in Boston, and affiliated suburban practicesGeisinger Health System, an integrated system with clinics scattered through rural PennsylvaniaHarborview Medical Center, a safety net hospital in the University of Washington health system in SeattleParticipants105 primary care physicians completed the study; 143 declined to participatePhysicians; notes were opened to >19000 patients who were registered for their institution’s portal; patients were notified by secure portal message that their notes would be available during the studyParticipating doctors were allowed to exclude patients from the study; 1023 were excluded at Harborview (mainly patients with major mental illness or substance misuse), 158 were excluded at Beth Israel Deaconess, and 139 at GeisingerHow it workedAfter a visit, the doctor’s electronic signature triggered a secure message notifying the patient the note was availableThe patient could log in to the institution’s secure portal and read the noteBefore the next scheduled visit, another secure message encouraged the patient to review the note to prepare for the visitNotes written before the study were not available onlineEvaluationSurveys of patients and doctors before and after the interventionAnalysis of email volume and portal usePatient results>80% of patients opened at least one noteOver two thirds reported better understanding of their health and medical conditions, taking better care of themselves, doing better with taking their medications, or feeling more in control of their careFew (1 8% at the three sites) were confused, worried, or offended by what they readAbout 20% shared a note with someone else>85% said availability of notes would influence future choice of providersDoctor resultsOnly 3% spent more time answering patient questions outside of visits, 11% spent more time writing or editing notes; email volume did not changeAbout 20% reported changing the way they wrote about cancer, mental health, substance misuse, or obesityIn interviews, focus groups, and surveys, patients described how access to their notes gave them a new understanding of the importance of medications and more motivation to adhere to treatment. They reported that they were moved to change their behaviour after seeing words like “obese” in their notes. They reminded harried doctors about follow up that had not been completed and shared the notes with family and caregivers when they could not remember the details of a visit pandora earrings.

(from the CIA World Fact Book)Area: 637

queens leaders call on donald trump to quell spike in hate crimes

fake oakleys I don even like Tyler Oakley, I think he annoying, but the answer is irrelevant if it coming from YFIP. That blog will find ANY LITTLE THING that someone says wrong (even stuff that completely out of context, said as a joke, or said many years ago) and add it to their list of reasons that person is “problematic” (which is a nonsense word in itself). That blog is just as bad as “HellNoRacistDrag” (which has featured many of the queens we know and love). fake oakleys

cheap oakley sunglasses I pick out wash and wear type things, the lightest ones I have, fold them neatly, and stuff them in my backpack. I also pack a three season sleeping bag, the kind that rolls up nice and tight, toilet stuff replica oakley sunglasses, a rain poncho, notebook and pen, a Walkman and ten discs to have my music with a spare rechargeable battery. That’s about it. cheap oakley sunglasses

fake oakley sunglasses Angel Copenhaver has had to quit her job as a substitute teacher to care for Emma and herself. She underwent surgery a few weeks after her diagnosis to remove her thyroid but has opted out of radiation to kill off any remaining cancer cells. She doesn want to risk any health ramifications that might result from the procedure.. fake oakley sunglasses

replica oakley sunglasses Six weeks of being super dedicated can speed your results and give you the momentum to keep at it. Course, Waters will tell you that her true expertise is using exercise to tone and tighten a woman butt and thighs. How does she do it? With fast paced circuit training that burns tons of fat, improves cardiovascular fitness, and strengthens every muscle in the body, especially targeting the glutes and hamstrings. replica oakley sunglasses

cheap oakleys (CNN)Here’s a look at Somalia, an impoverished, war torn eastern African country that borders the Gulf of Aden, the Indian Ocean, Ethiopia and Kenya.(from the CIA World Fact Book)Area: 637,657 sq km (slightly smaller than Texas)Population: 10,817,354 (2016 est.)Median age: 17.9 yearsEthnic Groups: Somali 85%, Bantu and other non Somali 15% (including 30,000 Arabs)Religion: Sunni Muslim (Islam)GDP (purchasing power parity): $4.431 billion (2014 est.)GDP per capita: $400 (2014 est.)July 1, 1960 The new country of Somalia is formed through the union of newly independent territories British Somaliland and Italian Somaliland.1969 Mohamed Siad Barre leads a bloodless coup and becomes dictator.1977 1978 Somalia invades the Ogaden region of Ethiopia. Ethiopia rebels and weakens Somalia’s forces. The two countries have fought on and off since 1960.1988 Somalia and Ethiopia sign a peace treaty.January 1991 President Barre is forced into exile after the United Somali Congress overthrows his military regime in Mogadishu.December 1992 Faction leader Ali Mahdi Mohammed and warlord General Mohammed Farah Aidid sign a cease fire brokered by US envoy Robert Oakley cheap oakleys.

The apps that provide a complete dictionary available offline

Repeat with all of the shapes in the flow chart. If the connectors are “greyed out” or inaccessible, turn on the drawing canvas by pointing to Picture on the Insert menu and selecting New Drawing. The connectors will become accessible.. The apps that provide a complete dictionary available offline, without an Internet connection, can deliver their services when you are likely to need them most. The Babel fish is an alien creature that renders in ear translations both to and from any spoken language. describes their apps as “speech to speech translation” tools for your iPhone, iPod, or iPad.The translation apps offer a vocabulary of around 40,000 words.

pandora essence 2. While we affirm the plurality of perspectives, we stand united and in solidarity in affirming the principle of equal protection under the law for all citizens of the United States of America. We believe that the values that ought to inform our public engagement as residents of Illinois are the principles that unite us rather than the beliefs that distinguish us.. pandora essence

pandora charms Sadly missed by his children, Suzanne, Manon (Gerald), Danielle (Walt), Steve (Lori), Eric (Michelle), his grandchildren Sbastien, Mlanie, Chris pandora earrings, Jennie, Joel, Jeremy, Jordan, Aaron, Mandi, Drew, Mason, Emma, Ahsha and his great grand children Lok, Lyrk, Fynn, Jasper, Landon, Egan, Isaac, Jacob, Amos, Otto, Zeek, Avery, Asher, Gloria, Layla, surviving sister Julie (Nol) and by many nieces and nephews. Pre deceased brothers and sisters: Fred, Romo, Guy, Alphonse, Marcel, Albert, le petit Martin, Germaine, Bertha, Donia, Marthe. The family would like to thank Dr. pandora charms

pandora jewellery Candidates enrolled for free coaching at the Tiruchi Academy for Competitive Examinations (TRACE) run by the District Welfare Committee received the right inspiration from the couple. In fact, the couple never considered rural schooling an impediment for registering achievements. Both entered the portals of engineering colleges and through proper time management made preparations for the UPSC examination with assiduous zeal.. pandora jewellery

pandora bracelets “We filled with the deepest foreboding for those who remain in this last hellish corner,” Colville said. Secretary General Ban Ki moon said in a statement late Monday he is alarmed over reports of atrocities against a large number of civilians, including women and children. He stressed that the United Nations was not able to independently verify these reports. pandora bracelets

pandora earrings Showcase the higher purpose by creating transformational change. No company can go it alone and beat the tragedy of the commons. We need to learn to collaborate with traditional competitors to solve thorny environmental and social issues. And it’s working.While I may prefer to control every aspect of how a program behaves, for the average home user Norton 360 offers excellent protection without requiring hours of configuring. Each new version seems to take a longer and longer to load and uses more system resources than the version before it. With a brand new high speed PC, it usually takes me five to ten minutes after Windows loads before I can actually start doing any work, open my email, or start browsing the Internet pandora earrings.

But suppose we change our mind and want to cater for 500 items

nancy dicks elected new mayor of new glasgow

pandora earrings Similarly, one can add a soccer charm showing love for the game. A huge variety of charms belonging to different categories of life are readily available, both online as well as at a nearby Pandora retailer. Make your moments last forever buy yourself a charm bracelet.. pandora earrings

pandora essence The Bottom Line is SellingFeature Articles. Extra Planning and Effort Expand Your CredibilityMarketing Professionals. A Key Industry Commodity in Critically Short SupplyAt Show Time Editorial Abuse Gets Easier With EmailWhy Media People Don Sign Up for Trade Show Press Credentials EarlyYour Agency. pandora essence

pandora charms Brahmans, for example, assisted with Mughal translations of Sanskrit texts into Persian. The method was that Brahmans would read the Sanskrit text, verbally translate it into Hindi (their shared language with the Mughals), and then the Mughals would write down the translation in Persian. Jains and Brahmans alike assisted the Mughals with astrology. pandora charms

pandora rings Yet there are still questions in my mind about how well the various parts of the health service actually combine with one another. All too often I have felt stranded in a medical no man’s land between doctor, hospital departments and clinics, tests, and laboratories, and not least my own ignorance of medical matters. At times being a good patient has been hard work.A medical perspectiveCompared with the ubiquitous lumbar spondylosis or disc prolapse the tethered spinal cord syndrome is a rare cause of back and leg pain in adults. pandora rings

pandora bracelets Suppose 100 represents the maximum number of items we wish to process in some program. We would probably need to use the number 100 in various places in the program. But suppose we change our mind and want to cater for 500 items. With daytime snacks, it easy to depend on your coworker candy bowl or a Dunkin D drive by, but that obviously leads to not so great choices. So what a hungry cyclist to do when the office refrigerator feels like miles away? Stock up on these non perishable options to keep at your desk when you need a healthy, filling bite between meals. Take no sugar added peanut butter or almond butter, mix in some dark chocolate chips and flax seeds for crunch, combine in a bowl, shape them into little balls pandora charms, and stick them in the freezer until they solid. pandora bracelets

pandora jewellery It is the perfect learning environment, as the real world would not be as forgiving. As you learn, be sure that there is a friend or professor nearby that is open to answering your questions on cultural diversity; this will help the transition and understanding an easy trek. Before long, you will be understanding cultural diversity for international students pandora jewellery.

Not afraid of love

…ni par les chevaux suspendus de Maurizio Cattelan
à la Monnaie de Paris. Fascinant !

Portrait : Aurélie Pyvka

Directeur du studio de création publicitaire – Christian Dior
Une marque : Vice
Une obsession : Joker !
Un resto : chez Vivant, rue des Petites-écuries
Un artiste : Jurgen Teller, sa dernière série dans Arena Homme +

Pourquoi m’as-tu abandonnée ?

Paris Photo, Bettina Rheims.
Close up of Anne Pedersen doing a strange bubble.

Poèmes photographiques

Paris Photo, Mona Kuhn.
Personnages absorbés par des plaisirs innocents.

J.M. Weston

Sur les Champs-Elysées, J.M. Weston ouvre
une boutique éphémère… Weston en grand écran !

Le Son du Mois

Jeremy Jay : « Gallop » de l’album “Slow Dance” proposé par Estelle Koenig, scénariste.


Tournage en Espagne. HUB. prend de la hauteur.

Adresse Londonienne

Le Sketch. C’est beau (designé par India Madavi) c’est bon (cuisiné par Pierre Gagnaire) c’est bu (cocktails !).

Mur du son

Devialet. Bravo Quentin Sannier, une marque magnifique qui associe luxe et technologie.

Lost in Translation

Tokyo. Park Hyatt, une légende…

Les garçons bouchers

Rue du Nil, Paris. Le come back du commerce de bouche.

Pure couleur

William Eggleston. Merci Hugues pour cette très belle découverte.

3ème étoile

Restaurant Pierre Gagnaire. Le printemps dans l’assiette.

Jardin d’hiver

Tournage Dior. Fantasme. L’appartement parisien d’un homme et d’une femme Dior.

Déjeuner sur l’herbe

Séminaire HUB. 2 hélicos, picnic champêtre et 1 green.

Dans la peau

Rétrospective Scorsese / Cinémathèque.


Somewhere. Château Marmont, sensualité, un cadre et une lumière inspirants.

Miss Apfel

Iris Apfel. Un style fait de mélanges improbablement géniaux.


Palazzo Grassi. Douceur Hardcore.


Campagne Gucci. Un vent de folie souffle sur le luxe. Ouf !

Choucroute Party

Musée du quai Branly. Le pouvoir du cheveu et l’évolution de son esthétique à travers les âges et les continents. Bluffant !


Sculpteur Nicolas Fenouillat. Répétition comédien pour Vacheron Constantin et le concept de la « sculpture horlogère ».


Campagne Crazy Horse. Dita se dévoile à Paris.

Tombée du ciel

Campagne Marni. Etrange, osée, marquante.


Le son du mois : Je veux te baiser de Odezenne… On a osé.…

Faire le mur

Backstage de HUB. ou quand les équipes définissent une image de marque.

Le Japon à Venise

Biennale. Notre pavillon préféré, féérique, envoutant, poétique.